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Story of the Month

Mellody and Cat. They are both so pretty!

Rio loves the dog park in Wells, Nevada

Arrow spent lots of time in that trailer

June, July, August Story

It was a great summer! Rio, Trip and I logged over 10,000 miles! We made some memories and a little money along the way. It was fun to travel back to Kuna, Idaho and visit with old friends. The subdivisions and big box stores have taken over and I was reminded of why I moved. I could hardly find my old place and the traffic was awful. I guess progress and growth are good but, it is sad to see beautiful farmland, horse facilities and ranches being turned into retail space and houses. Ugh.

We took off for Evanston, Wyoming and picked up a new horse from Adrian and Kyndra McKinney at Wyoming Downs for our friend Halle Morley. We are looking forward to seeing them compete in poles and goat tying this year in Idaho High School Rodeo. It was a fun trip with Halle and her grandmother. Good luck Halle and Speedy.

Next we delivered my favorite horse Cat to his new owner at Riverside Stables in White Salmon, Washington. It is a beautiful facility and Cat has an incredible view of Mt. Hood from his turnout. It was hard to see him go but I’m so excited for his new career as a rodeo queen horse. He’s already a star and is so loved by his new owners. Good luck Mellody and Cat.

Too soon it was time to make the long trip back to Ariona. We stayed overnight in Ely Nevada and enjoyed the 55 degree temperature the morning we left. Nevada is beautiful country. I hope it never changes.

Now it’s back to working horses and getting the place ready for our winter visitors. Lots of fun and sun coming soon.

Trip taking a break on Cabbage Hill outside
Pendelton, Or

Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial

Zig Zag Trail with Shari Maxwell and her incredible trail horse Breezy

April and May, 2023ry 

Want to know a secret? Arizona is beautiful in April and May. It is my favorite time of the year. I have perfect riding weather, the cactus and wild flowers are blooming everywhere along the sunny desert trails, the snow birds are gone and life is slow, quiet and happy. I took a beautiful ride in to the Prescott National Forest and stopped a while at the memorial for the Granite Mountain Hot Shots who were killed in the Yarnell fire 10 years ago this month. It’s a beautiful spot. There are other memorials to the Hot Shots but this one -off Copper Basin Road high up and remote would be their favorite place.
We sold out at the Salmon Select Sale and the Rio Grande Classic Sale this past April. Horse Sales are strong and good horses continue to be in great demand. Watch our For Sale Page for the horses we will have ready soon.


March, 2023

It's going to be a fun spring with lots of beautiful rides, cuttings, and shows coming soon. We are getting the horses ready and enjoying the sunshine. I love riding with the friends who are staying for the winter. So many ropings, barrel races, shopping and fun events in town are happening and the trail riding out my gate in the desert is always amazing. Come and see us. The RV hook-up will be available April 1st and the desert will be blooming.


December 2022

Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Good Health and Good Horses to all of our 2022 customers and friends.

Geldings! I've got them! Doing all kinds of trails, cow work, ranch horse classes and even tricks! Watch for Cat, Lincoln, and Hudson coming soon to a sale near you! I'm excited to have these geldings to offer in 2023.

September 2022

The Snowbirds are coming, and we are busy getting ready for company and lots of horse activities. Big ropings every day, huge barrel races, miles and miles of interesting trails, practice, horse shows, sales, cuttings, clinics and fun with old friends and new ones – it all starts in Arizona about mid-October and continues through March. The desert cactus trails on the state land are right out our gate and the amazing Prescott National Forest trails are a short and beautiful drive over the Yarnell Hill. Wickenburg the “Team Roping Capital of the World” is 15 miles away. Come and see us. The fun and the sun will not disappoint!

May 2022

Spring is here and the desert is blooming. My great friends Sheila, Darby and Jace Stoddard from Salmon, Idaho visited for their school spring break. We had a great time looking for cactus, snakes and lizards.


Prescott, Az

The Prescott National Forest is amazing. It is full of unusual old growth trees, mixed in with cactus, water, steep challenging trails, and brush. Great riding with great friends!

March and April 2022

It's almost time for junior rodeos, junior high rodeos and high school rodeos to start up. These pics and videos of our older champions with their new riders warm my heart! Horses like these are priceless and they are almost never for sale. I'm glad I had the opportunity to sell Silk twice, Boone twice and now Elle is at my place getting reading for her second sale.

Good Luck Silk aka" "The Golden Oldie" Take good care of Darby in the breakaway and goats this year. Silk is 27 years young.

Good luck Boone with your new kids in Riverton, Utah. Their mom said you are a wonderful teacher. Boone is 20 years young.

Watch for "Elle", Hallie Morey's good sorrel barrel/pole mare. She will be for sale and ready for a new junior rodeo kid soon. Call now. She won't last long as she is priced to sell.


By far the cutest cowboy ever at our place. Casien Peterson enjoying the trail on our trusty mule Montana.

December story of the month

Merry Christmas! We are excited to put 2021 behind us and start 2022 with some great horses, old and new friends, and wonderful events, sales and competitions. December is a big month for seeing old friends. We have lots of visitors and we are looking forward to many more. Congress, Arizona might be the cutest place in the world in December. The sun is out, and it is a great time to ride. Come see us!


We have new guest pens and a great camping spot with full power, water and sewer.

"First ride on Cat"

"Cat hanging out at the cutting in Chino Valley, AZ."

June story of the month

May and June blew by like a dust storm. We were busy riding, showing, training and dealing with the heat. We are praying for a monsoon season but, so far, we’ve only had a few raindrops.

I’ve really enjoyed riding Gus and Texaco these past two months. They sell July 17 in SMB Horse Sales Summer Online Sale. Check them out. Come and ride them and get registered to bid online.

Meet “Cat” (Toyin With A Cat). We’ve had a lot of fun trying cutting and cow horse events. I’m looking forward to practice shows, clinics and training myself to get out of his way and let him work! Thank you, Frank Ellis, for selling me this awesome gelding! I’ve got so much work to do and I’m excited for his future. The people at Olsen’s Cow Horse Shows and the Northern Arizona Cutting Horse Association are so much fun, supportive and helpful. Cat has pretty much taken over my life and taken it in a new direction. He has a big personality and a great heart to match his natural talent and athletic ability. I’m lucky to have such a nice horse!

Good luck to our rodeo friends who are making the Cowboy Christmas run!

"Gus and Texaco have been to town, on the mountain trails, in the desert and just about everywhere in between getting ready for the SMB Horse Sale on July 17th.

April 2021 Story of the Month

What an amazing sale in Salmon, Idaho!! The sale set new records for high sellers, achieved the highest sale average ever, and had total sales well over a million dollars on the horses and mules. We are proud and happy to be a part of such a great sale. Congratulations to Fred Snook and the rest of the Salmon Select Sale team and to the community volunteers who make this event possible. Our consignments performed great and brought great prices!

Buckskins and Idaho Friends! Desert days out our front gate in Arizona sure are beautiful.

Lucky got lots of attention at the SMB Winter Horse Sale. Here he is waiting to sell.

January/February Story of the month

January flew by and February was over way too fast! We’ve had lots of company from the cold country and we’ve enjoyed some great riding, a couple of good sales, and some wonderful sunshine. On February 13th, SMB Horse Sales hosted another great sale in Salina, Utah. Prices for good geldings were “higher than a tree” and our consignments did very well. It was sure fun to see old friends and meet new ones after a long year of being mostly at home. The February BLS Sale in Billings, Montana saw huge crowds and high prices. It is fun to be in the horse business and it just seems to get better and better! We have three geldings consigned to the Salmon Select Sale. Check them out, come and ride them, or come and see us onsite or online at the sale April 11th. It is always a good time at the Salmon Select Sale.

Blackjack smiling for the camera.
He sells April 10th at the Salmon
Select Sale.

December 2020, Story of the Month

Christmas is for kids and so are some horses. They are worth their weight in gold and they are so hard to find. Babysitters, old been there done that, whatever you want to call them - they are just the best. True came to us in poor condition but his heart and mind were perfect. Congratulations to his new family and thanks for looking past his boney butt and long hair to see the beauty inside!.

Merry Christmas!

November Story of the Month

Our geldings go to some beautiful places and take us and our customers with them. We love seeing their pictures performing, working and having fun. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

Story of the Mont

September 2020

I’m excited about a new supplement I found – So excited that I signed up to be a distributor in Arizona. REMOUNT is an all-natural feed product with CBD powder, amino acids and proteins. The pictures are of a horse that I bought recently. “Winslow” was thin, in terrible condition, covered with cuts, insect bites and saddle sores. The pictures are the day I brought him home, one week, two weeks and three weeks. REMOUNT really sped up his recovery. He made double the gains in weight and condition improvement than he would have without REMOUNT. I’m sold on this stuff and I have all my horses on it. Contact me if you would like to try it. It Works!


Story of the Month, July,2020

It is hot, the news is depressing, and the virus just drags on and on. Fortunately, I have some good horses to ride and technology to keep in touch with friends. We are fortunate!

A couple of flag waving favorites! Bandit, owned by Jannis Gibbard and his pasture mate enjoying the green grass in Washington, and Gypo, an old friend owned by Lorrie Sheldon Lennox, also in Washington. Thanks for the 4th of July pictures! It is always fun to hear from happy customers and see our horses doing so well.

Check out our two beautiful geldings selling in SMB Horse Sales Summer online sale this Friday and Saturday. Visit smbhorsesales.com to register to bid. It’s a fun way to buy a nice gelding for a fair price.

Big Joe



Staying positive in trying times. Nothing better than a good bay gelding and an Arizona morning.
Story of the Month – COVID 19

SMB Horse Sales in Wellsville, Utah put together a creative online horse sale. We sold three nice geldings at excellent prices. The sale was a runaway and we will do it again in July. Look for our geldings and the rest of the catalog coming soon. The SMB staff does a great job working with consigners and buyers. Check out their website and plan to watch the July online sale. It is a lot of fun and you might find your next good horse.

Best wishes to our friends across the country. Stay safe during this trying time and stay in touch. These are scary, sad, and difficult times. We are lucky! It is easy to social distance on a horse, we can still ride, work outside and stay connected through technology.

February Story

Classy Casanova, aka “Bandit”. I bought Bandit from a family who didn’t use him much and planned to sell him to another family as a kid’s rope horse – a job he did well. But, he had the kindest eye, the biggest heart, he was cute as a puppy dog and I kept finding reasons not to sell him. He taught me how much fun it is to show – something I had forgotten. He taught me patience and how great it felt to ride to be better. Because of him I had to buy a new saddle, travel to California to ride with a trainer, learn how to enter horse shows online, get new show clothes and really get excited about preparing him to someday sell. Today was the day. Bandit left for his new home in Gig Harbor, Washington. It’s lonely here today and I miss my little buddy. But he has a great new rider who appreciates and values all his strengths. They will be great together. Thanks Bandit. I’ll stay in touch and I’ll never forget all the fun we had.


December Story

The lights are up and the sun is warm in Arizona. The new pup took his stocking down early! It is 72 degrees and I’m headed out to ride. I am lucky and blessed to live in this wonderful place with these awesome horses and dogs. Merry Christmas and best wishes to all my friends for a wonderful holiday season and a great new year!


Dirt, Sand and Horses” Sounds like the title of a bad movie but it’s been the daily grind this month. Slowly but surely our arena, hot walker track and round pen are taking shape. Despite the construction zone we have some nice geldings for sale. Check out our sale page and come see us. The weather is perfect here and we are excited for all the winter sales, shows, barrel races and ropings. Come see us.

July, Story of the Month.

Looking back over the past year I am amazed at the diversity of our horses. One competed at the NRCHA World Show in Fort Worth while three others packed our stuff and our friends to the most remote canyon in the West. One made a little girl’s barrel racing dreams come true, many made lasting memories of fun rides, rodeos, and sales for us and our customers. Others are working for a living on ranches and many more are trusted trail and pleasure horses. They truly can do anything that needs done horseback and we sure are lucky to have these outstanding horses in our lives.

It’s been hot in Congress, Arizona but we are moved in, pens and shelters are built, and we are ready for a busy August. I will be at the Zone 1 APHA Show in Nampa, Idaho for 5 days then the Clovis/Cactus Team Roping and Horse Sale in Clovis, New Mexico then back to Congress. Look us up. We love to talk horses, meet new people and see old friends.

Good luck to our amazing customers and our versatile horses at the rodeos, ropings, playdays, and barrel races. We love being a part of your journey! Send pictures and stay in touch.


Spring has come and gone and we are busy with summer activities. We will be making the move to Congress, Arizona in July. Look us up there if you need a nice rope, ranch, trail or barrel gelding. I will be bringing 3 nice ones with me. We are excited to relocate to the heart of horse county, sunshine, and open space.

This little dun gelding has stolen everyone’s heart at our place, he can do about any job and he does it all very well. If you need a switch ender, a breakaway horse, a trail/ranch horse and a kid horse check him out. He’s amazing.

Gentle geldings were in high demand at the Spring Hermiston Horse Sale. Us been there, done that red roan brought $7,000 and went to a first-time horse owner. Thanks to the crew at the Hermiston Horse Sale for an awesome fun sale!
So proud to represent another great mare from Paul & Cathy Campbell, Morongo Valley, California. Congratulations to Francis West, Walla Walla, Washington for purchasing this great mare. “Penni” is an all-around winner with a huge heart and loaded with cow horse and reining talent.
Rio like his new living room in Congress Arizona. Come see us!

Feburary 2019 Story of the Month

Changes! Changes! Changes!

The Hermiston Horse Sale Extravaganza has a new format. It will be a one-day sale, all day selling loose, catalog, and open consignment horses on Saturday, March 2, 2019. I have room to take horses if anyone needs something sold.

After 19 happy years at the corner of King and Swan Falls Roads we are moving! We will be six months in Congress, AZ, October through March. Our April through September facility is on Green Lane in Kuna, just West of the ole place. I have been hauling years of memories out of the house and outbuildings for the past few weeks. The East corner neighbors just sold their 80-acre farm for development. Sadly, it is time to move on down the road, further from the subdivisions, bike paths, joggers and city folks. Things change and we are excited about the future.

The new facility in Kuna is big and very nice! Runs with shelters, box stalls, and pasture turnout, a small indoor arena, and two large outdoor arenas. We move March 1st!

The new Arizona place is a piece of heaven with great cowboy neighbors and miles of desert riding around the corner from the house. There are stalls with turnouts, a giant fenced yard for the dogs, lots of room in the house for friends, plenty of parking, and a full camper hook up.

We’ve had snow, rain, a little sun now and then, and cold temps but we are hoping it heats up soon. We have some nice geldings for sale. Check out our website soon.

January 2019 Story of the Month

Sunset, Toltec, Ariziona

Cathy and Smarty getting ready for Fort Worth!

Easy "takin it easy" , waiting to rope in
Wickenburg, Ariziona.

Happy New Year to all our friends and customers. We are planning many BIG changes and improvements for 2019. We were blessed to spend some time in sunny Arizona with our great friends Danny and Karen O’Connell, Kyna Schrader, and Cora Walker. It is amazing how the popularity of team roping, and barrel racing have grown in that area. We plan to spend more time there as things wind down in Idaho due to the failure of Proposition 1 and the urban development rapidly surrounding our current location. We will be in Arizona for at least six months of the year starting November 2019. Times change and we have to change with them. It has been a great 19 years at 225 West King Road, but it is time to sell out and relocate in order to serve our customers, have a successful business and be in a horse friendly area.
I’m excited to attend the Champions of Champions NRCHA event in Fort Worth, Texas this year with Paul and Cathy Campbell. Cathy will be showing Boon To Be Smart and I will tag along and help any way I can. We are all excited, looking forward to the show and seeing the sights in Texas. “Smarty” looks amazing and Cathy has her ready!
We sent our great gelding Bac Man to Texas this spring with Rainy Robinson. Rainy will be using “Easy” as her backup while her great mare Flash continues to heal. Rainy is an amazing cowgirl and has been very successful in the WPRA and in College and open rodeos. We are proud that she’s riding one of ours!
It is cold, windy, wet and muddy but we are getting our Salmon and Hermiston horses ready for sale. Salmon will be bigger and better than ever. Hermiston will be a one-day sale with open consignment to follow the catalog horses on Saturday. We are adding the Cattle Barron’s Horse Sale in Pendelton to our spring horse sale schedule. We have some nice geldings in the works! Come see us at the sales and at the events we will be attending this spring!

Rainy and Easy smoking a practice run before heading to Texas!

December Story of the Month

Thanks to Chatburn ranches for purchasing our cute Haflinger team. Morie and Markie will work as a feed team on the ranch and pull a sleigh during the Holidays in Albion, Idaho. They are so gentle and cute that they make friends wherever they go and really bring the Christmas spirit. Congratulations on your purchase and thanks to the staff at Billings Livestock for another successful holiday sale. Merry Christmas to all or our customers and friends!

August Story of the Month – SAVE IDAHO HORSE RACING.

Proposition 1 will be on the November ballot. When it passes by a simple majority HHR machines will be allowed to operate at the 3 sites previously approved and operating and then closed by the Idaho Legislature. The legislature’s action was vetoed by Governor Otter but tribal gaming advocates and out of State gaming interests sued in court and the courts overturned the Governor’s veto, closing the successful and popular HHR machines.
Recently, 118,000 Idaho citizens signed petitions throughout the State to get Prop 1 on the ballot. Signatures were checked and verified by county clerks throughout the state. Voters can vote yes or no in November 2018 to reopen the machines at the 3 approved sites.
When Prop 1 passes Les Bois Park will reopen and Idaho’s horse industry will see a huge boost. Money earned by HHR machines will be used to add purse money to races throughout the state, fund county fairs, 4-H, FFA and other youth programs. Rural Idaho will benefit greatly. Horse racing contributes directly to Idaho’s agriculture economy. Small towns throughout the state will have bigger and better horse races, thereby improving county fairs, and helping small town Idaho.
Recreational riders, spectators, owners, trainers, breeders, cowboys, ropers, barrel racers, team penners, cutters, reined cow horse riders, western and English show riders, race trackers, back country riders, endurance riders, and horse lovers all need to work together to pass Prop 1. We ALL need horse racing – we especially need Les Bois Park! We need our county fairs and small towns to have more income for our 4-H shows, team penning, open shows, breed shows, rodeos, cutting, dressage, hunter/jumper shows, clinics, mini horse shows, barrel races, ropings, pennings, cuttings and trail competitions.
PLEASE HELP GET THE WORD OUT AND SUPPORT PROP 1. There is a big movement by the minority radicals to stop all types of horse competition. It we let the animal rights folks and anti-horse groups shut down racing they will come for your equine activity next. Let’s all work together! VOTE YES ON PROP 1.


Good geldings are worth their weight in gold. Congratulations to the Warrick family, Emmett, Idaho on their purchase of Light Music Dance, AKA “Boone”. We had so many people try him, borrow him, and then there were the ones that were not good enough to own him, but, we finally found the right home! I will miss this sweet, steady gelding. I’m excited for him and his new family. Thanks Lindsey and David Warrick. You bought a really,really good one.

June Story of the Month

Lucky and Boone, pictured above are two of the nicest geldings we've ever owned and they are still for sale. Check out our For Sale Page. We like having them around but we need to sell them. They can do just about anything that needs done by a horse and they are gentle, friendly, pretty and sound. Priced to sell.

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