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Jane Giles

-An accomplished horsewoman across multiple breeds and disciplines, Jane knows horses!!!

My equine love affair began growing up on a farm in Southern Illinois . I have worked in and competed in almost every equine activity from the show ring to the race track all across the United States .

I retired from teaching in 2013 and now spend all of my time training, competing and caring for our horses. As a past educator I bring important skills to help individuals find the right horse. I focus on purchasing and selling horses in the West. From the small monthly “pumpkin rollers” to larger prestigious sales I am there as a consigner and buyer. I have a lifetime of contacts in the industry and can often accomplish with a phone call what you may spend days and many dollars to do.

I have the experience and knowledge to see the merit in any horse. I can look past condition and neglect and see that heart, strength and potential that isn’t always apparent. As a result, I have rehabilitated many horses who have gone on to be winners in the arena or make great family horses. I can usually afford to offer these rehabilitated horses at a discount!!

Thanks and happy trails!!!

Jane Giles

-Well known in the equine industry as a hard worker and an honest straight talker, Jane has helped many people attain their riding goals. Her specialty is finding gentle dependable horses for those wishing to enjoy the Western lifestyle. Let her put her skills to work for you in your next equine purchase-.

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